Bezos sets example with Kindle mea culpa

Jeff Bezo shows how a leader can sack up and restore confidence after a bad decision:

This is an apology for the way we previously handled illegally sold copies of 1984 and other novels on Kindle. Our “solution” to the problem was stupid, thoughtless, and painfully out of line with our principles. It is wholly self-inflicted, and we deserve the criticism we’ve received. We will use the scar tissue from this painful mistake to help make better decisions going forward, ones that match our mission.

With deep apology to our customers,

Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO

The incident initially gave me pause about my desire to purchase the new Kindle DX.  After reading this, my confidence is restored.

By the way, for reasons too complicated yet mundane to discuss here, I am inclined to pick up a Kindle rather than an iPhone.  No, not as an alternate device to do the same things–they are clearly different–but because it better fits who I am.  I expect to be ridiculed for the decision.

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