Gist brings high tech, old school to relationship management

Forbes has an interesting story about the mix of high tech and old school at Gist:

The relationship management service scours some 60,000 news sources, 20 million blogs and 600,000 Twitter handles and matches up the information they find to a contact list generated from a user’s e-mail correspondence. The result is that Gist is an advanced Web communication tool that helps you keep tabs on the people and companies that matter most. Some of the company’s success, however, comes from one the Web’s most primitive of communication tools: online forms.

Soliciting customer feedback has been a driving ethos behind Gist. What started out as PowerPoint product pitches evolved into weekly “friends of Gist” meetings, which eventually grew into conference calls for those who couldn’t make it to Seattle. Those meetings became standardized, and from them came the survey.

I have been using Gist for a few weeks now and am mightily impressed.  The tool, though simple to use, is powerful and growing.  Check it out.

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