Week in Public Organizations, 20Jul2009


Haven’t been doing these lately as life has intervened on the personal level.  I’d like to get back to it, though.  The recaps are like those “Lost” specials that try to give you four seasons in 42 minutes.

Groupthink and torture, future hiring trends, what happens in the CIA stays in the CIA, radar love, networked innovation, pessimistic entrepreneurs, Congress snoops the snoops, and social capital in Ukraine.  These were some stories that caught my attention in recent days.

Groupthink and the selection of interrogation techniques
Employers’ choices now may have downstream consequences
CIA notification policy subject of probe
Using radar expands the idea horizon
Networked innovation requires a shift in thinking
Entrepreneurial success negatively correlated with optimism
Congressional probe offers clarity on CIA rules
Gorbis’ reflections on Soviet childhood and social capital

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