Teams experiment with anarchy

I’m not sure I completely understand Artisanal Retro-Futurism and Team-Scale Anarcho-Syndicalism, but I kind of like it:

Here’s a story for you to illustrate things:

* An agile team was made to work in cubicles, like the rest of the company
* Agile methods aside, cubicles are the “single worst arrangement of humans and objects in space for the purpose of developing software”
* The team proposed changing their workspace to an open one
* Furniture Police turned them down
* In response, the scrum-master went to the office over the weekend. She disassembled the cubicles and changed the office layout to an open one. On Monday, she declared to the Furniture Police that “If the cubicles come back, you will have to fire me.”
* They gave in

I’ve been on all sides of stupid rules in organizations, many of them detrimental to the productivity of the organization.  Most rules come from a sincere wish to remedy a problem, but they often sacrifice macro performance for micro vigilance.  Perhaps the optimal situation here would be employees who stand up for better ways to do things coupled with leaders who have the self-awareness to listen rather than punish.

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