Networked innovation requires a shift in thinking


Unfortunately, by seeking the rare brilliance of a limited few instead of the statistically likely success of the connected many, the “lone genius” worldview has limited our ability to make meaningful progress in everything from technology, to organizations, to education, and all the way to society. We’ve done very little to systematically develop technology to support the innovation process. Overall, we are still in the “horseless carriage” days of living in a truly networked world. We can do better, but how do we begin to engage this new way of being? We believe a path to the future can be found by paying conscious attention to evidence of what works in the world today, and by asking the following questions as we work:

  • What are some of the enabling collaborative tools available today?
  • What lessons can be learned from organizations doing networked innovation?
  • How do things get done in a networked world?

Sounds about right to me.  I suspect we are at the edge of something meaningful and fun.

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