Parsing the predicted revolution

This post examining the debate on whether Iran is headed for revolution gets my vote for post of the year in both orgtheory and foreign affairs:

It also gets to a central set of questions in orgTheory right now.  This movement, like a few other recent revolutions, seems to have emerged relatively spontaneously.  Networks and identity formation processes are emerging in real time before our eyes (which, remarkably, we can watch in real time through Facebook and Twitter).  If it had sustained itself through the weekend, this might have been enough to force a political confrontation.  At this point, it doesn’t look like that’s happening (though I could easily be reversed by events on that).  But if this lull does persist, then this identity and network revolution will have to give way to a movement built around organizations.  Stay tuned.

Sorry to lead with the final paragraph, but it doesn’t take away at all from the juicy fisking in the many paragraphs that preceded it.  The “assertion, then what the literature says” approach really does it for me.

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