PublicOrgTheory’s 5th birthday

Today is the 5th birthday of this blog.  The traditional five-year gift is wood.

3 responses to “PublicOrgTheory’s 5th birthday

  1. Congrats Joe and POT —
    I think that wood is the gift for a 5th wedding anniversary … for blog anniversaries I think the 5th year gift is a case of homemade or craft-brewed beer. Not sure if this is true in the EU though.
    On a less silly note, looking back over the half-decade of blogging, any lesson to share? cvh

  2. Hmmm… Great question! Not to say that these are universal lessons, but they’ve worked out pretty well for me:

    1. Be nice to people. They usually remember it.
    2. Stick to what you know.
    3. Admit what you don’t know.
    4. As Bob Sutton often says, argue as if you are right and listen as if you are wrong.
    5. Find people whose stuff you like and promote them. In addition to giving them their propers, you become a trustworthy curator.
    6. Keeping a pragmatic, evidence-based view on politics keeps you from being seen as a partisan hack.
    7. Try to respond to all comments, especially those that disagree with your posts. You can learn a lot from the challenge.
    8. Try to create “a-ha” moments in posts rather than repeating the news. That’s where your personal value shows up.
    9. Don’t be afraid to wade into subjects you don’t know well. Admit what you don’t know and try to learn as much as you can.
    10. Read a lot off-line. It tends to make you a better reader and writer on-line.

    Maybe I should stop at 10 items–that’s a tidy number. You’ve provoked some useful reflection CV!

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