Orem proposes nationwide broadband

Andy Orem of O’Reilly Radar has posted a nationwide broadband proposal on the White House’s Open Government Dialog site:

Municipalities and regions undertaking projects in high-speed networking be encouraged to create online forums that:

  • Post regional maps showing the demographic features, geographical features, patterns of network use, and technological facilities relevant to the project
  • Accept proposals, provide comment and rating systems, and run polls
  • Provide public terminals and low-bandwidth versions of data, so that people who are currently on the disadvantaged side of the digital divide can offer input to help cross that divide
  • Are supplemented by face-to-face gatherings
  • Collaborate with newspapers and with television and radio news programs to publicize proposals, meetings, and opportunities for public comment
  • Create visitor accounts, perhaps with validation procedures for determining local residence, and allow visitors to identify their expertise and credentials
  • Provide tools for mapping proposed facilities and for calculating the reach, bandwidth, and costs of proposed facilities
  • Provide data about ongoing deployments in standardized, open formats on maps and in downloadable form

I like it.  Government involvement is a very tricky issue, and I would prefer a public-private partnership, but increasing access seems to me an economic, educational, and moral imperative.  It’s a devilish change program, but–to paraphrase JFK–we should do it because it’s hard.  The struggle itself means something.

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