EI training proven effective

It’s always good to see a popular notion supported by evidence:

A new study shows that training in emotional intelligence (EI) – the ability to understand and manage one’s own and other people’s emotions – actually works. Delphine Nelis and colleagues said their finding has profound implications given the number of positive outcomes, including improved health and occupational success, that are known to be associated with having greater emotional intelligence (one recent study even linked EI to orgasm frequency in women!)

Nineteen students undertook the training, whilst 18 others formed a control group and carried on life as normal. The training – 4 weekly sessions lasting 2.5 hours each plus homework – was theoretically grounded and aimed to improve the understanding of emotions, identifying emotions, expressing and using emotions and managing emotions.

EI has occasionally (often?) come across as pseudoscience, albeit one that hews to some pretty logical conclusions about human behavior.  The study should make it a much easier sell in the future.

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